Are you MTV? ESPN? or the Food Network? What’s your Digital Brand?

by Chris Brown on Friday, February 15, 2008

With a blog, each writer has their own magazine/newspaper.  Mine happens to be about Branding & Marketing.  Not exactly big big stories like Brandweek or AdAge or even iMediaWatch.

I function from my “own little world,” but with the power of the connectedness of the internet, it just astounds me how wide/broad the reach has become.

You can see by the widget on the left hand column, I’m participating as a judge for the Personal Branding Awards next summer, put on by Dan Schawbel of the Personal Branding blog.

Those who connect to me with my Facebook & LinkedIn accounts know that I embrace social networking.

I found an interesting interview about Personal Branding & Digital Marketing with Mitch Joel:

What I learned from that, in terms of the blog and Pod Cast about Facebook is, I am actually a media channel. All of us have become media channel. Every time you post a picture in Facebook, every time you post a link, an event, a group, you are broad casting that to your entire network. That is your personal brand and that is your media. It’s who you a.

So I actually use Facebook as a media channel. Like a TV station is looking to get audience members, I looking to get people that want to be part of my community. I am looking for people who are interested in digital marketing, digital branding, public speaking and those sorts of things. It is actually pretty easy. Part of the reason why it is working for me is because I’m a very community centric person. It’s not actually about me. It’s about the community. So what I actually do is act as a connector.

I know not that everyone is into this.  In fact, according to the Pew Internet/ American Life Project’s report only about 8% of us are really into citizen journalism.  (Check out the chart on page 16 if you don’t read anything else in the 65 page report.)  But more and more and faster and faster, this is becoming mainstream.

So, are you building a brand for yourself?
What is your channel? Your magazine? Your newspaper?

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Robyn Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 11:06 am

Chris, I am really glad you have been named to Dan Schwable’s Personal Branding Award team of judges. When I first saw the link for these awards on your web site, I investigated it. I realized the judging team was all men so I wrote to Dan and asked him if it would help to bring even more diversity to that. It speaks loudly of Dan that he followed through to name you! Wow! I really think you’ll be a great asset to the whole team!

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