Co-Marketing Cuts the Cost of your Marketing Budget

Wondering how to do more marketing with your budget?  Perhaps you may want to consider co-marketing.  Two companies with the same target market and non-competing products can work together to promote their products and services.

Even if you are a business to business marketer, you can pick up some tips from the business to consumer marketing category where the budgets are much higher. Here are a few examples:

Chevy Silverado commercial features Hasbro toys  Three quarters of the video focuses on Hasbro toys, but only the last 15 seconds feature the product that the commercial is actually about.

Volvo and Twilight New Dawn commerical and promotion Taking advantage of the Twilight craze, Volvo offers a promotion tie in with the upcoming New Dawn movie

Friskies Cat Food and Puss n Boots Movie A recent commerical with animation from the Puss n Boots movie with a live action cat advertises Friskies cat food in a light-hearted commercial that draws in the “awwwww, isn’t that cute” factor.

What other co marketing programs have you noticed?  What company offers a product to the same target market as yours but is not a direct competitor?  Could you both benefit from a tie in marketing program?  They only work when it is “win-win.” Leave your comment below. Thanks!