My Favorite Part of Watching the Super Bowl - The Big Game’s Commercials

Like a Girl AlwaysWhile I didn’t watch every commercial this year - or even keep a list .

Even though it seemed a little sad, I liked the Nissan’s Dad/Father ad, (but maybe I’m biased because I drive a Nissan.)

I usually enjoy the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials, but this one had me shaking my head. Waaaaay too fake with the wolf ready to eat the puppy.  Heck, I enjoyed GoDaddy’s lost puppy commercial more with the tongue in cheek humor poking fun at Anheiser Busch.

Of course I liked the “Like a Girl” campaign. Pretty amazing with over 54 million plays on YouTube already!

Which was your favorite?

Update Feb 4: Did you know that 47% of the people watching the Super Bowl are women? Who knew? I didn’t! Based on that, I think I will review the ads a bit differently next year.

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Author: Chris Brown

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