Baby Clydesdale Has My Vote for Best Commercial for 2013 Super Bowl 47

2013_Clydesdale commercial
My favorite commercial is the Baby Clydesdale: It’s got heart strings, cuteness, just a little bit of branding and even some audience participation.  You can name the baby by tweeting #clydesdales names.

Levi is the name I’m going to tweet them, in memory of Levi the Clydesdale in Portage County Ohio. He was the biggest horse around.

Here’s links to my posts about favorite commercials in prior years:

2010 Missed it.

Update: Budweiser posted a new photo of the little foal. Way too cute!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Clydesdale Has My Vote for Best Commercial for 2013 Super Bowl 47”

  1. I think that they want you coming back for more… It hasn’t been announced yet.

    Twelve hours after the Superbowl, 5.4 million views on YouTube, almost 5K comments on YouTube, 16K shares of the commercial post on Facebook (and 10K more of the extended version,) and I’m not sure what the number of tweets, retweets about #clydesdales.

    They released the ad on the 31st to give it time to build and then a terrific crowdsourcing opportunity. You’ll have to keep checking back to find out the name of the foal.

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