What Key Points Business Owners Ought to Consider When Re-Naming and Re-Branding a Company

Consider these rebranding points before you rename your business Renaming a company, product or service is extremely important to creating a brand or marketing. It can be more difficult than it looks on face value.  Expensive, yes.  But sometimes very necessary.

After you’ve brainstormed the lists of names, here are some of the considerations when evaluating the name:

  • Your customers, employees, and competitors
  • Positioning strategy
  • Getting found issues: alphabetical friendly for directories
  • Easy to spell for searching and if you have multi word domains, be careful.
  • Easy to pronounce: wii, yahoo, kazaa, hulu
  • Before you start, set some criteria so you know when you have the right new name (some people’s votes count more than others.)
  • Sometimes the favorite name doesn’t pass legal, so you should select several versions of the new name
  • Trademark issues

Refer to these helpful links from Branding & Marketing when you’re in the midst of a rebranding and re-naming exercise with your company:

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.