Naming and Branding Your Product Just Got a Little Easier

Search Trademarks and create business names with TradmarkiaI just found out about a new website that can be quite helpful when you’re launching new products or businesses. It’s a small startup in Silicon Valley, California that just launched this month.

Trademarkia has built a huge library of 5.7 million logos, names, and slogans anywhere on the Internet by leveraging public information. The website allows business professionals, branding and marketing consultants who are want branstorm and create a new business name, slogan, or logo with a new way to get creative ideas and inspiration for new marks.

Trademarkia has also created a unique way to automate and simplify state and federal trademark registrations and monitoring.

Because you can look things up by category, by type and so on, I really think that this site might be very helpful when you’re in brainstorming mode! I’ve just looked at the site, but have not actually used their free services yet. It’s got to be helpful to visually check out the competitors’ logos, don’t you think?

How about anyone else? What are your thoughts? Have you used it yet?

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

6 thoughts on “Naming and Branding Your Product Just Got a Little Easier”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for sharing that resource. I just started browsing through it and it’s full of good stuff. The Usability in my mind isn’t fully sorted out yet but they do have a great concept and resource set up for sure!

    Sam Zipursky

  2. Interesting looking website that! It is very important to have these sorts of no nonsense trademark registration tools available on the internet, because in business there is just no time for messing about with legal jargon!

  3. Matt:
    Ugh. Recovering something that is rightfully yours can be a tough process and especially annoying because it was yours to start with. I’m glad Trademarkia was helpful to you.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

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