With all the choices available to marketers in 2019, it’s no surprise to me that many business and marketing professionals are feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused about their marketing efforts.

It can be helpful to review four basic questions of marketing:

Market: Who are you trying to reach?

Message: What are you trying to communicate to them?

Media: How are you attempting to reach them?

Measurement: How do you know if it working?

I call this the four M’s of marketing. If you can succinctly answer these four questions, you are well on your way.

It seems so simple… until you try it. Don’t get too bogged down on question 3.

If you have these 4 in a good place, next weave in your statement about schedule and budget. What’s consistent year over year and what are you testing?



Can You Recite Your Marketing Plan in a Few Sentences?