If no one has heard of you, using your brand name in the title is just a waste of characters!

There are a lot of different ways you can improve the SEO of your website. Getting the best SEO expert & consultant Jacksonville fl would definitely be beneficial for your website if you can’t keep up with all of Google’s updates! However, if you are trying to brand and market your company going into 2015 by yourself, you are probably concerned with getting found on the search engines from a smartphone.

Search engine optimization is now one of the most important elements of marketing for any business, no matter how big or small it may be. Using SEO correctly allows a business to be more visible online, rank higher in search engines and reach more audiences and has many other benefits. SME’s tend to outsource their SEO needs to experienced SEO companies like 1st On The List, as it means they can focus on their own jobs and benefit from professional SEO services. The better the SEO, the better the online presence. This also applies to mobile commerce too. Mobile screens are smaller, meaning a customer sees less on a page and has to look a little harder when they’re looking for their product/service. Having great mobile SEO means that you’re near the top of their search and can catch their attention near enough right away. Strong SEO in the title is your first step.

Length of title makes a difference in the search engines. Aim for about 60 or 65 characters with your keyword phrase near the front of the title.

Be careful to leave out the non-search terms. There are several common words that are a waste of characters. You’ve seen them used all over a website: about, welcome, home, menu and so on. These words show up in so many titles but no one searches for them! Just for laughs, type one of these into your search box and see how many results come up. Yikes!!

Only optimize one keyword phrase per article or post. Trying to have posts do double duty only weakens the effectiveness.

Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices for Branding

If your brand name is a search term, include it… but if no one has heard of you, it’s a waste of characters. Use what people will be searching for! Just adding your company name or brand name into your title will not make people search for the term.

Mobile screens are smaller, so you’ll want to use shorter keyword phrases if possible.

Beyond the title, the content makes the difference and having strong unique content of at least 300 words is critical. Interviewing experts and transcribing the interview makes for great content. This will help you to build credibility and create a platform for your brand as well.

Look into other SEO best practices before finalizing the optimization of your post or article.

Smart phones have surpassed traditional search so it is time for developing a plan for your mobile search program.

Use Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices in Your Titles