Why Good Enough is Actually a Better Choice in Product Development

by Chris Brown on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good enough is actually better Good enough is actually better!

So often in product development the engineer or designer wants to focus on the quality and multiple features to make the very best product possible. This can be a mistake.

Price and benefits must be considered. I’m not saying that quality isn’t important, but the focus has to be on the customer and consumer. Not on the product.

Overbuilding can be the reason for a wonderful product’s demise.

Take a look at VHS vs BETAMAX. Channel of distribution, size and weight of product, price all were more important than the quality of the product.

Too often every bell and whistle is added to a product, making it too expensive. As my dad says “that’s just one more thing to break.”

Why Good Enough is Actually a Better Choice for Marketing Projects

The same goes for marketing communication projects. Putting everything into one website designed for a huge audience may not be the right solution. Cumbersome. Expensive. Lengthy. Difficult to update.

Consider the brochure that has too much information. Does it do it’s work? Not on your life. People who see too much copy on a page tend to skim at best, but more likely just put the brochure back into the holder.

The postcard or billboard with too much copy. Doesn’t work. The video that is too long… not watched.

The newsletter that never ends, too many articles, too many links, not enough editing. Not read.

Have you ever had a project that didn’t stop at “Good Enough”?

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