What Do Marketing Professionals Need to Succeed?

Every professional has skills that they need to succeed: public relations, sales, accounting

I think that new professionals, in general — and marketing, in particular — need to have the ability to:

1) Listen - Probably the most important skill!
2) Write - tell the story
3) Edit - KISS - keep it short and sweet!
4) Design - Pleasing to the eye pulls people in
5) Communicate - Be understood by the individuals you are trying to reach
6) Respond - engaging with the market, not just broadcasting to them.
7) Listen - it comes full circle.

Formstack, a company that created an online form building application to create & design any type of HTML web form, thinks that digital marketers are becoming jacks-of-all-trades, and the industry needs people who can do everything from crunch data to create media. Check out their infographic that identifies 7 traits new marketers need to succeed.

I’m sure you have an opinion on what Marketing Professionals need to succeed.

What are the top 7 skills YOU think they need?

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