The Secret of Creating a Great Brand Name

a great brand name has these qualitiesAlthough this was written for  creating a strong brand name for a new drug, the premise is true for any new great brand name:

A great drug name needs to be memorable. It needs to be easy to say. It needs to be easy to write and understand. And it also needs to be clear of any existing names that may be on the registers.

A tall order if you’re coming up with a new name. First you brainstorm names. And even bits of names. Combining things and separating things. Lists and more lists.

Check the trademark office. And the availability of the domain.

Then running it by people (potential target markets are a good idea… your spouse, not so much… unless of course, they are the target market.)

Don’t invest in a logo or graphics until the full legal work is done. Be sure to run it by the most influential people on your board of directors/investor’s group. Nothing worse then getting all the way down the road and finding that it doesn’t resonate with a key individual.