Is it Time to Give up on Google+ Yet?

Deborah Shapiro ArtistToday I posted something on Google+, sending a compliment to an artist friend of mine about a very cool video she posted.

Later I got a response in my Facebook explaining that she got the message via email but can’t figure out how to find and access the Google+ posting to send a thank you.

I had to agree with her… Google+ is about the hardest social media vehicle I’ve ever tried to use. I also don’t like how it tries to mush everything together in a way that I’m uncomfortable with. They want ONE account for all of my stuff.

For so long, I’ve tried to be separate with the personal and professional things. I mean, the IRS wants things separated so that you don’t use your business tools for personal use.  That becomes harder all the time as business becomes more virtual with phones and the cloud.   Trying to separate business social media from personal social media also helps me to stay focused on my company and client work during “normal working hours.”

But the lines have really blurred lately.

I was hoping that the third time (after Google Buzz and Google Wave) would be the charm.

At this point, I have a lot of social media accounts that I use for business, but I’m about to abandon Google+.

Can anyone convince me that there are good reasons to keep it going?

I’m curious, when is the last time you logged into Google+ or posted something on it? Is there a reason I should continue to try to keep yet another social media site active?

2 thoughts on “Is it Time to Give up on Google+ Yet?

  1. I’ve found that the main value of Google+ is for search engine optimization. Google seems to clearly favor posts on Google+ in search results, so I continue to use Google+ for posts related to my business.

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