Join Me for 24 Hours of Innovation on May 15 to May 16

by Chris Brown on Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I will be participating in the 24 Hours of Innovation: a non-stop marathon of innovation initiatives sponsored by the Board of Innovation. Although I have my own ideas, I would really love your input on the subject too!

  • What innovation has had the biggest impact on your branding and marketing in 2009?
  • During the second half of 2009, what do you expect to see as the next “big thing?”
  • How has social media networking (like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn status posting) changed your business?
  • What new projects have you started or are about to start that will have a significant improvement in your marketing and branding programs?
  • What marketing tool do you wish “they” would invent for improving your marketing results?

My post will go live on May 15 at 5:35 pm.  It’s part of the 10 am to 10 am from May 15  to May 16th 24 Hours of Innovation.  Send me your input via comment below or via any of the other ways to contact me.

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