Embracing Mobile Marketing Apps: Infographic

If one in 5 phones sold each day is a smart phone, (according to an infographic that I read today), business marketers better be looking at ways to embrace this shift!

Employees, clients and customers are using them, not just for making phone calls or texting, but for the apps the smart phones bring with them. Smart phones have great apps and companies recognize that those apps increase productivity. I know myself that I love the access to email, weather, my blog, Google maps, Facebook, Twitter and a whole host of other apps. 

One application that I’ve written about a few times are the QR Codes and Microsoft Tags.  The QR Codes and Tags were considered an oddity only a few months ago.  Now QR Codes are popping up everywhere!!  I’ve spotted plenty just yesterday:

  • On real estate signs in front of a building for lease or house for sale
  • On a menu in a restaurant
  • On a t-shirt of a jogger

Check out this infographic for more about how business is embracing the mobile shift:

What are you doing to market your product, service or business via smart phones?

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

Author: Chris Brown

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