Perhaps you are as bombarded with channels of communication as I am - Skype, Zoom video calls, tweets, Conference calls, texts, Facebook Messages, phone calls and emails.

Somedays I think I spend as much time communicating as I do actually getting some work done. In fact, somedays it feels like communicating is the work. How about you?

Finding a better way is one of my constant mantras. So, I wanted to explore #Slack. It looks like it could solve some problems (and hopefully not create new ones!)

I’ve been hearing about Slack from several places and now I’m wondering who is using it? My online partners? My vendors? My clients??

Maybe you’re not familiar with it. Here’s an overview video: What is Slack?

Is your team using Slack? How’s it working out? Does it actually replace email?

Channel of Communications

I am interested in learning more so I can find a way to become more productive. It seems like I just log into one media channel of communications (my phone, or my email, or social media or a conference call program like Skype) and I get another message that someone else is trying to reach me on my Facebook messenger or a different email address. It seems like the communication is getting more fragmented with messages on my FitBit or inside Strava or who knows.  Does Slack help with this, or is it just ONE MORE MEDIA channel?

I could say “leave me a message on my Slack channel” if you were part of my WorkSpaces, or tweet me @chrisbrown330 if you are a twitter user or PM me or DM me, but instead, please leave your message in the comments below.

Picking up the #Slack