Communication Concerns: Writing for the Reader?

by Chris Brown on Monday, March 26, 2007

I was recently interviewed by e-mail by a graduate student at Kent State University about the importance of writing in my profession.

Although I’ve always known how important writing is to my work, it really brought it home when I thought about my answers her questions.

This morning I found a blog that quoted Richard Denney, at Thoughts on Sales and Marketing, where he asks about communication:

We are getting to the point of information overload, but are we communicating more effectively? No.

Everything that we do throughout each day involves communication in one form or another – at work and at home, in politics, commerce, education, sport, entertainment and the financial world.

Communication touches every sphere of our lives. Yet communication is a largely undervalued, untaught asset in the modern world, often with disastrous results. When communication breaks down the bombs and the brickbats start flying about -whether in the home environment, the workplace or the global political

Writing, Denney says, “is the most dangerous form of Communication. There is one simple rule that should be the basis of all written communication”:

“You must write not so that you can be understood, but so that you cannot be misunderstood.”

How true. Hat tip to Kenneth Davis at Manage Your Writing.

Tell me about your writing. Do you write to be understood… or so you are not misunderstood?

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