How to Use QR Codes to Market your Brand at a Trade Show

I went to the the FitBloggin’ conference in Baltimore and noticed how EggLand’s Best trade show booth used QR codes to connect with the attendees.

This trade show is filled with bloggers who write about healthy food and fitness.  So they are dying to connect with this audience.

The attendees can use their smart phone, click on the QR code and it takes them to:

  1. Facebook
  2. Newsletter
  3. Nutrition info
  4. Website

There they can connect with the brand.

Looking at this photo, do you see how your company could use the QR codes to market your brand?  Are you trying to get newsletter subscriptions? Facebook page fans? 

Have you used a QR Code or a Microsoft Tag to connect your brand to your consumers? Leave a comment below and explain how you used it.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “How to Use QR Codes to Market your Brand at a Trade Show”

  1. OMG - what a Perfect way to use QR at a trade show. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to steal this idea shamelessly. Sounds like you are having an amazing visit. Can’t wait to read more about what you’ve learned.

  2. We work in a purely visual marketplace and are planning to use simple black-and-white banners with QR codes at the top. People who know what they are are drawn to them. Those who don’t know yet are drawn to the interesting image. And once they scan they are “connected” far earlier than other more non-interactive marketing activities. I think they are still an early adopter type technology so jump in and set yourself apart from the crowd…

  3. QR codes in trade show exhibits are becoming increasingly more common. At Archex Display we are asked almost daily to incorporate them into the design of the exhibit. Recently we designed and built a booth for Raymark being used at the NRF show in NYC.

    Not only was the QR code prominent it was scanned often by the show attendees.

    I would love to show anyone how we placed the QR code on the exhibit in an effective manner. Email me and I will provide photos of the finished exhibit.

    Gary E. Parsons
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Archex Display

    [email protected]

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