Four Easy Tools to Help You Organize for 2016

Tools to help organize for 2016 with Screenfly screen capture of branding and marketingAre you planning to organize for 2016? I’m always looking for short cuts to become more productive.

Sometimes it is faster to just do things the “old” way because that’s the way “we’ve always done it.” But I’ve recently found several new apps and websites that have been helpful in saving time and that are easy to learn to use.

Organize for 2016 to Improve Productivity Have you seen this website? The other day I was using it for a project. The site is very easy to use and you can start with a free account. It looks to me like they are planning to fund the apps with advertising, instead of a paid subscription. Almost seems too good to be true.

The screen capture above is from one of these apps. We find it helpful to test the websites in a variety of sizes and Quirktools even has television sizes.

Here’s a quick outline of the 4 tools:

  • Quickly and easily build site maps, taxonomy, or hierarchy data using the Smaps app. I like to use this to do a quick org chart or outline a small website navigation.
  • The Wires app allows you to create interactive wireframes and prototypes right in your web browser.
  • Screenfly does responsive screen testing on monitors, tablets, smart phones, and more.
  • To use the screen data and diagnostic tools for your device take a look at Retro.

How are you planning to organize in 2016? Do you have any tools you’ve recently discovered that will help with your sales and marketing?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.