Keeping up with all the changes and nuances of social media can be difficult.  Many marketing professionals are still wondering if they should even bother with trying to market their using Instagram. “How does it make sense from an ROI standpoint,” is a a common question.

I recently talked with Jeremy McGilvrey, Instagram expert and author of Instagram Secrets: the underground playbook for growing your following fast, driving massive traffic and generating predictable profits. His book will soon be released.

We talked about the “shout out process” on Instagram, strategies for selecting keywords and how to approach influencers about their promotions.  He suggests using a free app called KIK and explained why Instagram is better than Facebook for reaching your target audience.

This is one of the first Branding and Marketing podcasts and it’s only about 20 minutes.  Click on the embedded media to list to our conversation.

His book is 21 chapters and talks about how to structure your page, how to connect, what to name your Instagram page, how to structure your page, how to turn your followers into dollars, how to follow up and sell products and services.

Marketing with Instagram - A Podcast Interview with Instagram Expert Jeremy McGilvrey