So much of marketing activity is focused on creative. Making the “perfect” headline. Shooting the “perfect” photo. Revising the layout until it is “perfect” and rewriting copy until it is “perfect.”

What if I told you there is NO PERFECT.  And that only 10% of the effectiveness comes from the creative!  30% comes from the offer. And a whopping 60% of the effectiveness comes from having the right target market.

It only makes sense to say the right thing at the right time to the right person.

A “good enough” message in front of the right target market with the offer that they need and want - is a recipe for a winning sale.

Marketing on the internet is not that much different in many ways that interactions IRL (in real life), you need to be aware of your audience’s thoughts and needs.

You need to be infront 0f the RIGHT person.

You don’t ask someone to buy when it’s the first thing they’ve ever heard about you or your product.  Marketing helps lead people along the trail for sales. It’s definitely a process.  Awareness. Interest. Desire. Action. The tried and true AIDA formula.

Many agencies specialize in crafting the right message for each stage in your sales funnel and Steve Weiss at Mute Six offers some suggestions.

My marketing suggestion for you is to spend time focusing on your target market. Do you know what keeps them up at night? What do they read? Who do they respect (and despise)? How do they think? What do they value?

Can you find a photo of someone who represents your target market from your Linkedin Profiles, or another online image or even in a magazine? Print out/cut out the photo and place it inside your marketing folder.  The next time you’re working on your marketing program, pull out the photo and pretend you working directly with them.

Does the message resonate with them? Are you using media that will work for them? Measure it. You’ll know if your target market strategy worked!

Need Results? Focus on Target Market before Creating Your Message!