World biggest mind map?
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Have you heard of Mind Mapping?

Kathy Krisher, a good friend of mine, introduced me to it a few years ago when we were working on some strategic planning for the business.

It’s a great way to combine the creative and the analytical parts of yourself. Instead of trying to outline something very analytically, it combines pictures, sketches, words and arrows.

At first it seemed kinda random to me, but after I saw Kathy make some really great Mind Maps, I really got engaged with the idea.

I enjoy using mind mapping techniques when brainstorming new ways to approach a marketing problem, trying to get to the essence of the message or map out a plan.

Here are some other resources:

Mark Pinto is in the Cleveland area. I met Mark at the COSE workshop this year and again at Akron Bloggers Community.

Tony Buzan’s books are quite interesting.

Using Mind Mapping for Your Marketing Plan