What’s the “Silver Bullet” to Strategic Marketing?

There is no silver bullet.  That’s what I hear.  That’s what I say.  But now I’m thinking I may have found it.

Recently Ralph Cutcher of Brick House Partners shared an insight with me that might actually qualify as THE SILVER BULLET of strategic marketing.  Ralph and I met because worked together, but separately (for the same company, just not at the same time.)  This is from an email he sent me:

“I was recently talking with a good friend who I often use as a sounding board. We were discussing Brick House Partners plans for 2009 and I got carried away telling him all the great strategies revealed in our business plan. He listened and then said: “Ralph, I think the strategy you need this year is scratch harder! Do it against your business’ vision and values, but just scratch harder”. My translation is: Work 10% harder in a focused manner. I believe his advice is good for many businesses this year.”

Good advice, Ralph!! 

But after I started thinking about it… simply working harder isn’t going to make 2009 a banner year… It’s going to take having the right people in the right place as well.  (Doesn’t that sound like bus analogy from Good to Great by Jim Collins?) But I think it’s right. 

Scratch Harder + Great People + Right Position = Winning Strategy

 Just working harder isn’t enough. But it is very very important.  I bet Ralph would agree since he’s involved in getting the right fit to happen in companies during the hiring process. 

 In 2009 things are more competitive than ever before in the marketing world.  Brick House Partners is a boutique marketing & advertising focused search firm that connects companies and great marketing/advertising talent based on fit.

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2 thoughts on “What’s the “Silver Bullet” to Strategic Marketing?

  1. With due respect, working harder sounds good, and it’s what you’ll do absent a strategy, but it isn’t really a strategy.

    The best definition of strategy I ever heard came to me via Foundation VC Bill Elmore:

    The purpose of strategy is to make winning easier.

    It means that for a level of performance, you don’t have to work harder, but if you do, you get even more return.

    Now that’s more like what strategy ought to do for you!



  2. Bob:
    I remember working with a guy who told me:

    “You’ve got to work smarter, not harder.”

    That was 20 years ago and I think it still rings true, however you need both…

    Being smart & clever just isn’t enough, you’ve got to get up and do it over and over again to make it work.

    Thanks for commenting!

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