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This is where I put information following the presentation for special links and extra material that there wasn’t time for during the actual presentation. Click here to see my marketing workshops and seminars calendar. I’ve also included links to conferences I’ve attended. Lots of great resources here!

Conversion Conference 2012 - San Francisco

I'm Speaking at the Conversion Conference


Scenes from the Conversion Conference on March 5-6, 2012 where I spoke about Using Video to Improve Conversion Results.

PodCampCleveland #PCCLV11
Pod Camp Cleveland 20112nd Podcamp Cleveland, April 30, 2011

PodCamp WordCamp June 19, 2010 #pwcbus Columbus

Brand and Market Your Business Using a Blog

Notes and slides from WordCamp Columbus and PodCamp 2010 #pwcbus

Strategically Speaking: Social Media Marketing

We squeezed so many people into this event. Lots of great questions and comments.

June 16, 2010 in Hudson and sponsored by Simplex-IT and Bob Coppedge. Listen to the 1 1/12 hour event here.


Links from info from PodCamp Cleveland #PCCLV10 here.

Cleveland Business Advisors

Here’s the link to the video I wanted to show you about understanding LinkedIn.

Chris Brown talking to Cleveland Business Advisors about how they can help clients attract new customers with LinkedIn.

Fit Bloggin’

Great sessions that are video taped and up on the web for viewing from FitBloggin ’10 in Baltimore Maryland on March 19, 2010. Organized by Roni Noone of SkinnyMinnyMedia.

FitBloggin’ 11


Rist List Workshops, Open Houses and Meetings

Special thanks to
Norma Rist of Norma Rist CEO Consulting, Inc. has been my business mentor since I started my marketing firm in 1998. Many of the workshops on this page and the links attached to it are from events sponsored by her business or other businesses who are part of the boardroom or Rist List.

Social Media Marketing Links: May 2009

From May 2009 RistList Lunch: Click here for social media marketing links..

Marketing with Social Media:

What are the benefits of marketing with social media?
How do you get started?
Why does someone talking about what they “are doing” help promote my business?
Handout for social media.

Want to learn more how to use it to promote your business?

Social Media Marketing for Women Business Owners 2008

Deborah Chaddock Brown, Chris Brown and Leslie Carruthers at the Rist List Internet Panel June 10, 2008.
Rist List Internet Panel

Click here for the full article and links about the Social Media Marketing Panel RistList Open House 2008.Photo: Deborah Chaddock Brown, Chris Brown and Leslie Carruthers at the Rist List Internet Panel June 10, 2008.
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