Are You Afraid of the Color RED in Branding?

Do you consider Red a BAD color for branding?

I always have. You know. All those negative connotations:

  • in the red
  • bleeding red
  • red line something
  • seeing red

“Retailers aren’t afraid of the color red in branding.”

I heard this the other day from John Ekman, the Conversionista, at the Conversion Conference.

“Yeah, he’s probably right.” I thought to myself. But then I started noticing how much I see the color red in branding from retailers.  Yeah.  He is definitely right.

Retailers are NOT afraid of the color RED in BRANDING


So if green means go, red must mean ON SALE NOW!

By the way, can you guess which one at the conference is John?

One thought on “Are You Afraid of the Color RED in Branding?

  1. Chris.

    I’m really interested in (obsessed with, some might say) challenging conventional wisdoms which everyone seem to take for granted.

    The Danger of RED is definitely one such Wisdom.

    I’m really happy I could inspire, and flattered by your kind post and mention.

    Here is the image I showed in my preso:

    Even though some might see it as “somewhat unprofessional” the guy in the Red T-shirt will always get the most attention at a conference with gray suits!

    Great picture!

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