Bloggers Group Meets Up for Discussions

by Chris Brown on Friday, January 29, 2010

ABC Akron Bloggers CommunityYesterday at the ABC Akron Bloggers Community meet-up we had a lot of lively discussion in a just an  hour and a half:

  • Where to look for tips to drive traffic to the blog
  • How to write content faster
  • Where to find good photos to illustrate your posts
  • How to size photos faster
  • Social media how-to’s and a seminar series
  • Writing guest postings — pro’s and con’s
  • Offering guest postings on your blog — pro’s and con’s
  • Book reviews and why they are growing medium
  • How to figure out to figure out what blog topic to focus on when you’re trying to get started
  • Which software to use when you want to start a quick blog for a mini topic
  • Long tail results and how to encourage more of them
  • New keyword analysis tools that help to tag and help interested readers to self identify

You can do a lot by reading everything you can find on the internet, but actually sitting down and having a cup of coffee with folks who do this all the time is a great boost for a blogger.

Because we have experienced bloggers and newbies in the group, there are all levels of questions, answers and discussions going on.  We’ve found that everyone has something to offer. 

If you’re in NE Ohio and working on your blog or starting a new one, you may want to consider joining us at our next meet up: Feb 25, 9:30 to 11, Mocha Joes Coffee House 3707 Darrow Road at 91 and Graham in Stow, Ohio 44224.

RSVP here, (not required.)

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Brad Hain Friday, January 29, 2010 at 3:26 pm

We are developing a new website for a Canadian cigarette brand called Export A. Part of the site includes a blog. They are looking for bloggers that fit this description…any thoughts/ help on how to get started?

Blogger Description

2 Bloggers
Ideally Export™ smokers
Age: 21-35
Locations: San Francisco or Portland
Female or Male
Well Rounded Interests, for example:
* music: nothing too mainstream
* live shows: not mainstream bands, could be street performances
* arts: festivals, small galleries, obscure artists
* movies: indie films, foreign films
* outdoor activities: places to bike, interesting hikes, places to camp
* food: little hole in the wall restaurants, places with interesting decor
* books

- Committed to blogging at least once a week and providing content for possibly top 10 lists and calendar
- Able to take pictures or has access to non-copyrighted pictures
- Resourceful, even if he/she has no plans over the weekend or have run out of personal ideas, they need to be able to look in key publications/websites for blog ideas
- Creative, especially for the top 10 lists
- Personalities who fit our brand attributes and taglines

Chris Brown Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 10:10 am

Thanks for the comment. Big question that everyone will ask, is it a paying gig?

I’ll make sure the bloggers in the group know about this… however this particular group is located in NE Ohio and as afar as I know, none of them smoke. That said, I’ll push this out to my worldwide blogger friends.

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