Smart Phones Are Changing the World of Marketing

Difference between iPhone and Blackberry when it comes to a websiteIs your business ready for all the new smart phones?

Look how differently the iPhone sees a website, compared to how the Blackberry sees it!

Chances are you know how your website looks on Internet Explorer, Firefox and maybe Safari. But what does it look like on the iPhone? The Blackberry? The Google Droid?

Why should Marketing People Care about Smart Phones?
According to the numbers on this mobile phone infographic posted on the Social Brand Value blog:

Already 25% of the phones in the world are smart phones. And by 2014, there will be more smart phones used on the internet than desk top computers.

If that is true, then we marketers better stop looking at Internet Explorer and Firefox to see how the website looks and instead take a look at the smartphones.

Already smart phones are changing the way we marketers look at building a marketing campaign. Video is becoming more important. And a QR code or a Tag that suggest a person snap a photo of the code/tag are pupping up everywhere! This provides an opportunity for marketers a chance to talk to the purchaser right at the point of sale.

Tell me, as a marketer for your business, what are you doing about incorporating this new technology?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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