Blogs vs Newspapers: Important Distinctions for Marketing

I often talk about using public relations tactics to build your brand and market your products.

[pullquote]Bloggers are their own editor, advertising manager, writer…[/pullquote]If you’re using PR to approach bloggers, it’s important to realize that you’ll need to approach them differently than traditional media.

This morning, while reading 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital PR Consultant, I realized something that I knew, but hadn’t realized the significance of before.

9. Do you treat bloggers like media, or do you approach blogger relations differently than traditional media outreach? Explain your approach. (Note: Bloggers answer to their community, while journalists answer to editors, so you can’t lump them together. If a firm preaching “integrated communication” treats them the same, it’s a major cause for concern.)

In some ways this could make bloggers more responsible… or less, depending upon their readership.

Bloggers are their own editor, publisher, advertising manager, writer and circulation/subscription manager. Some are better at a few tasks and have trouble with others.

My position is kind of interesting in that I am a marketing profession who also recieves about 6 or 7 pitches a day for press releases, product reviews, and advertising requests. It’s helped me to see both sides of the coin.

If you are a blogger, how do you like to be approached?
If you are a marketer, what do you do differently when approaching bloggers instead of tradtional media?

Author: Chris Brown

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5 thoughts on “Blogs vs Newspapers: Important Distinctions for Marketing”

  1. Before approaching a blogger, it’s important to do your research. Follow them for awhile and learn what kind of content they typically share on their blog and in social media. See if the content that you want to share is actually in line with it. If it’s unrelated or has a different message, it’s unlikely that they will want to share it on their site.

  2. George:

    The blog thing could be good, but is not always an easy first step.

    Do you have a referral network who helps recommend your log home building kits (brokers who sell land?) Gathering those emails and doing an email newsletter to them. Then post the emails onto a blog format might work.

    Post your FAQs, one at a time as blog posts.

    I think you need a balance between advertising, PR, promotions, etc. The beauty of blogs is the back and forth conversations. It builds up the relationship. Even if the person doesn’t leave a comment, they can read other people’s comments and replies. It gives you a flavor of being a fly on the wall.

    Thanks for leaving the comment!

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