Branding and Marketing Blogger of Note: Anita Campbell

Anita Campbell, business blogger and small business trend expert, was featured in Sunday’s Akron Beacon Journal Business section. I met Anita in February when we were both asked to be speakers at a business meeting in Fairlawn. She was the one who really inspired me to begin blogging about branding and marketing.

Anita has been blogging since 2003 and is editor/publisher of and contributor to several business blogs. One great thing about these blogs is that they are updated several times a day with very helpful and interesting information:

She is an investor in and the Executive Editor for a network of 80+ blogs in four languages at Creative Weblogging where she writes an award-winning technology blog called RFID Weblog. She also occasionally posts on the Creative Weblogging Corporate blog about new blog launches and news about the network as well as writes newsletters, columns, blogs and articles for a variety of sites on the topic of small business and technology.

Nationally known for her blogs efforts, Anita was also a featured speaker at the Blogher Conference in July.

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