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Out-of-Date Websites Invite Problems

How important is it to have an up-to-date website? I believe having a website that is out of date is inviting problems. Why? I think it goes back to three important reasons that a business-to-business company, a retailer or even a consumer products company should even have a website:

1) Provide current customers with key information about our products and services.
2) Offer prospective customers with helpful information to begin to build a relationship.
3) Give potential employees information about the company before they apply or interview for a position.

A website is available 24/7. It can provide contact information, communicate values, offer knowledge and instill confidence… But on the flip side, a bad website also communicates something. Missing pages. Typos. Non-loading photos. Inaccurate information. Outdated press releases. All this leads a potential customer or employee away from doing business with the company.

How up-to-date is your website?