How to Create a Social Media Header for your Business

Four Tools for Creating Your Social Media Header

Many of the main social media sites not only have business page profiles, they also have headers. In Facebook, it’s called a cover photo. Twitter and LinkedIn both call it a header.

One of the tricky things is each social media account has slightly different sizes. And the profile photo incorporates differently with each one, especially considering the responsive design that helps with mobile, tablet and desktop viewing of the same URL into a different size.

  1. One nice chart that I found shows all the social media profile and header sizes in one place, but it was issued in January 2016. No doubt that in just a few weeks one of the social media sites will have revised their sizing requirements! But finding a guideline that is close can give you a good head start to branding and marketing your company or yourself in social media. This Social Media Cheat Sheet is courtesy of Please see the website link for more explanation and how to repurpose your Twitter header for a LinkedIn header.
  2. Another place I found with a cheat sheet for social media sizes for headers and profiles has promised to always stay up-to-date. That’s a challenge.  I have found that I am always looking up what the different size requirements are for the various social media marketing profiles. Between the headers, posters, profile photos, and cover shots… it’s always changing.
  3. I like the way Sprout Social approaches this challenge as well. they have a tool called landscape that helps you size things correctly and offer a free trial.
  4. Hubspot knows people are looking for an easy way to create headers and profiles so they’ve provided templates for the 5 top sites… you just have to give away your email in trade.

How do you stay current with the sizing changes?