Super Bowl Commercial Favorite

Super Bowl brings out the “best” ads of the year and each year I talk about the commercials during the Super Bowl and often my favorite involves a horse.

The weiner dogs won my heart this year with the Heinz Weiner Stampede.

One odd thing at the end, why didn’t the child hold a weiner dog puppy? I think they missed that opportunity.

There were several good ones but a few that left me wondering why they wasted their money. I figure I am not the target market for those commercials. Watching many of the commercials on the internet before the actual game took some of the surprise element from the feeling of watching during the actual game.

The beige socks, the pacman party, the drunk driving rant, and first date. Meh. All were just “okay” in my book as far as super bowl commercials go… Both Geiko and Squarespace ads were a dissappointment.

I did like the Kayak elevator and the no more domestic violence text ad.

What was your favorite? Which ones disappointed you?

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