Did You Forget This Key Website SEO Tactic From Your Internet Marketing?

Chances are your website has an “About us”, “Contact us”, “Home” and “News” page. They are pretty standard as websites go. And if you’ve got a blog, you probably have an about page, a blog roll and archives.

But are you capitalizing on the titles of those standard pages?

By just writing the familiar titles, you may be missing a huge opportunity to attract potential customers and clients but hiding your page from the search engines. What do I mean?

Hopefully your page has a title that doesn’t use the words: “About Us” “Home” or “News” as the name of the page.

This is a very common mistake that means you’ll be missing out of the potential Search Engine Optimization for your website.

Try to be more creative by using your company name… maybe even with a descriptor of your industry or keywords that someone may look for your company with. A geographic descriptor can be very helpful if you have a regional or local business.

There’s nothing wrong with using the phrase “About us”. Just remember that when you Google :about us”, about 9.7 billion results come back. Make sure you add your company name at a minimum.

Some key phrases that are often used to find a company or service are:

  • “Find a local…” plumber, roofer, pizza delivery.
  • “Help with…” taxes, lawn mowing, car repairs.
  • “near ___” fill in the city or county name.

Instead of naming the title of your page “About Us” it may be more helpful to name it “About our Car Repair Service in Toledo”. Can you see how that would help the search engines recognize your page? If you’re a plumber or plumbing firm for example and you need a website, it may be worth looking around at different website examples so you get an idea of the sites an agency can build you. This way, you can rest assured that you have an SEO savvy website that will already meet all these needs for you. Another great way of promoting your business is to become apart of a plumbers association, similar to Plumber Success International a spin-off of Success Group International. As SGI explained in a blog post, there are benefits of being a part of a plumbers association, it is a good way of reaching potential customers and growing a successful business. If you’d rather do it yourself, there are some more tips below to help you.

You can still use just the word about or about us in the navigation, but make the title and the URL into what people are searching for!

  • About our pizza delivery service in Chicago
  • About the dentists in our Nashville Tennessee office
  • How we help with moving to a new home in Florida

Have you tried this on your site yet? Make sure you have some analytic measurements (like Goggle analytics installed) to see how it increases your traffic on the page.

Why should you considering hiring a marketing consultant, when you could do this yourself?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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