Dreams become Reality by the Actions You Take

I heard a very inspirational message from Delores Pressley this afternoon. She was the keynote speaker at the COSE small business conference at the IX Center in Cleveland.

She had many great and inspirational parts to her presentation, but I felt the most motivational was when she insisted that each business owner take a pledge (with right hand in the air) to ask for help, act on invitations for help and appreciate help.

Her story, and particularly the way she delivers it, is very motivational… from being a fourth grade teacher, to breaking into modeling, to become a nationally renown professional speaker and appearing on Oprah… Delores Pressley was a joy to experience!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

One thought on “Dreams become Reality by the Actions You Take”

  1. To me 4 steps lead to ‘true arriving’. Our success domain can be summarized in 4 simple steps.

    Step#1 : Dream With Totally Relaxed Freedom!

    Though I said, forget Dreams what I meant is dream with freedom in detail. Uninterrupted, free flowing and mentally ‘living it out’. Learn to dream this way!

    Step#2 : Let Your Dreams Lead To Visions!

    Yes! Clear cut visions where you see the complete road map. All vivid and clear. Hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling whole picture exactly as you want it. This is what I call focused visions.

    Step#3 : Let Your Visions Lead To A Physical Model!

    Make a small model of your vision…just the way an architect make miniature models of his buildings.

    Or make a ‘printable’ model on a piece of paper. Thorough and clear. Include everything that you
    want in it.

    Step#4 : Begin To Manifest Your Miniature Model!

    Ladies and gentlemen! Now you are on to it!

    This is the area where you come across some practical problems. Keep focused on your miniature model - Begin tackling the problems as and when it arises.
    One by one.

    Forget the word determination to release yourself from self-defeating pressures!

    Instead, just be ‘willing to go through’ what it takes it to be there. That is submit yourself completely to your vision.

    Courteously — S. Kumar

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