Email Newsletter Marketing — 9 Different Services

More and more companies talk to me about email newsletter marketing. What service do you use? Here is a list of companies that I’d like to hear your feedback about if you’ve ever used their email marketing and customer list database services. Please leave comments about good or bad results you’ve had with these! Thanks! *Disclaimer #1 *Disclaimer #2

#1 This company is run by an Akron company that hosts my web site and I work with through my web designer.

#2 This company is run by a Cleveland company that I had a working relationship with one of their sister companies.

Author: Chris Brown

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7 thoughts on “Email Newsletter Marketing — 9 Different Services”

  1. Chris, I haven’t used any of the ones you reference but do use

    You pay by the email address so if you send to a lot of people several times a month - this isn’t for you. But I send out a newsletter once a month to about 300 people. At a penny an address my money goes pretty far over the course of a year. The program is easy to use - so easy even a chimp can do it, yeah, I know, what does that say about me - but it’s easy, the reports are useful and you can send html and/or plain text.


  2. Thanks for blogging about iContact. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    Ryan Allis, CEO

  3. Hi Chris

    Have you ever heard of ClearFormat?

    Its more of an email branding tool than a newsletter tool, but you can embed certain messages in your emails, which may then link to the targeted pages etc. It operates like a managed service i.e. you pay per user per year, and the chance of your mail been rejected as spam is limited due to the email going through their datacentres, which show up as credible source. The online managed portal is great too as it shows how many emails you’ve sent, and enables you to track which recipients have clicked on your branded messages. It shows reports and a bandwidth calcultor…its awesome!

    You should check it out!

  4. Chris - while not strictly newsletter oriented, I use Bronto. Its designed for the elementary user :)

    Congratulations on being one of Robyn’s thinking bloggers - keep rockin’!

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