Marketing the Blog: It’s all about the Community — or — Are You an A-List Blogger?

Are you on the A-List?

Probably not. Most people don’t even blog… let alone have more than 500 links to their blog.

Thanks to Mack Collier’s Viral Garden Blog post yesterday, I found out that I’m not an A-Lister… not even a B-Lister.

Oh well. Maybe if I focused more on commenting on other blogs, creating compelling copy for my blog and linking with A-Listers, I’d grow faster in Technorati’s blogging authority.

Mack has been a good blog friend, encouraging me in my quest to gain ranking in Alexa (4,868,527th most popular website, but who’s counting!!)

Meanwhile, I find I’m spending the majority of my time running a marketing firm, which is where I really think I should be spending my efforts.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

2 thoughts on “Marketing the Blog: It’s all about the Community — or — Are You an A-List Blogger?”

  1. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious where we ought to invest our time. At least that is the struggle I have running my firm.

    I can really identify with your posting.

  2. Hi .. A or B or C or D or E list. For me, what matters is not the alphabet soup or Techrati rankings but do clients, prospects and stakeholders find value in my blog work. Stay the course and I’m sure you’ll be part of Mack’s Garden Club soon.

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