Marketing: Using PR to Increase your PR

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Most people used to use the initials PR to mean Public Relations or a shorthand for press release. Now more often than not, they’re talking about page rank. And not just anyone’s page rank but Google’s Page Rank.

Sandy Wrenshaw has a really interesting post about page rank over at the Purple Wren and a spiffy little page ranking widget that helps you monitor your website ranking, along with some links to sites about how to increase the ranking. It boils down to content and keywords as well as linking strategy and back links, the Link Building Association is known to supply natural backlinks for a global audience.

“Frequent posting with quality content” is a natural way to increase page ranking and is a great way to supplement more formal SEO methods. Speaking of SEO, just like anything new, there is a lot to take in and understanding how implementing this within any business can have its benefits.

With that being said, software like surferseo recommended by is not there for no reason. As technology plays a large part in many businesses, the idea of using tools to help with SEO could have its advantages.

Easier said than done, right. This is why so many people work with an International SEO agency because this is hard. On a blog, frequent posting seems relatively easy, but on a more static website, one way to keep your site more dynamic is to add press releases about once a month. It doesn’t have to be a major announcement, but a strong press release can add key words naturally as well as keep the website from growing too static.

Why should you care about your website’s Page Rank anyway? What difference does it make to your organic search results? More about this in another post.

Author: Chris Brown

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  1. Did you know that Page Rank is named after someone named Page, and not talking about a webpage? I found that interesting while doing the research for this blog post.

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