Pinterest is Predicted to Drive more Business than Facebook

If you have been using Pinterest as a marketing website, you may be on to something. At least as compared to marketing with Facebook.

How are you using Pinterest to promote your products or services?

For service professionals, I see an opportunity to promote workshops, seminars and programs on pinterest. Selling a product? For those that sell craft type items, it’s probably a no brainer to have an attractive pinterest pin and/or board that leads to your etsy site. But for those who sell b-b items for a primarily male audience, it’s probably not the best place to spend your efforts. Like anything, look at your target market!

On the other hand, if you’re in the wedding business, home decor or food industry, Pinterest is a hot media.

Here’s how some brands are building awareness of their cause marketing on Pinterest. Use this tool to measure your Pinterest reach. (Hat tip Beth Kanter, Joe Waters & Deanna Zandt.)

The 30 days of Pinspiration
For 30 days, pinners, non-profits and brands share what inspiration means to them at

Meanwhile Microsoft has expanded their Pinterest-like site So-Cl (pronounced social.) I haven’t experimented with it yet.

If you’ve used Pinterest or So-Cl to drive sales, do you think they have value for branding and marketing a product? I’m interested to find out.

3 thoughts on “Pinterest is Predicted to Drive more Business than Facebook

  1. I believe Pinterest is having a positive impact for the art of storytelling. Here is another great place to get the word out about our art and all the festivals, workshops, open mics and the retinue of storytellers of all kinds. Just be sure to edit those Pins to lead back to websites and videos so people can see more of what piqued their interest visually. Categories is also important as a literacy tool noting storytelling to education is a no brainer. A Wish; that multple categories could be chosen example- education & history or animals and education. Soon I hope!

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