Rebranding a Chrysler into a Nissan? Or more likely a Nissan into a Chrysler!

When is a Nissan, not a Nissan?  When it’s a Chrysler…

Yesterday’s article in the Wall Street Journal has rebranding car story about Nissan and Chrysler teaming up to offer a midsize car.  It was interesting to me on several levels:

  • I’ve test driven just about all the cars the article talks about
  • I currently drive the best selling car
  • I almost bought the 4th best selling car
  • I can’t imagine buying those last two
  • It’s going to take a lot of marketing and branding to pull this off…

Seems like people research the cars they buy a lot more than say a computer.  Like who actually makes it, regardless of the brand name on the hood ornament.  Maybe I’m wrong, but won’t people actually know that it’s actually a Nissan even though it’s called a Chrysler?  Will a great car be able to overcome a bad brand?

Good idea or bad idea… what’s your thought?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “Rebranding a Chrysler into a Nissan? Or more likely a Nissan into a Chrysler!”

  1. Hi Chris, when I put out a lot of dollars for a car the thing I want is quality. I had had some GM and Chrysler products in past and they let me down. My last purchase was a Toyota and I would be hard pressed to change at this point because I finally found the quality I want.

    You can’t put a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” though in this case it seems the other way around People soon see through it. What Chrysler needs to aim for is quality products.

    Somehow that link you promised in your comment on my nature blog is not there, Chris, and I do not see a post on that here on your site. :-)

  2. I used to drive an orange Aztec — that made me the laughing stock of Northeast Ohio (maybe it just seems that way) :)

    But Chris - I loved that car. It’s a shame it had a bad brand image. It was a great deal, it got 26 miles per gallon and drove like a charm. Did I say I loved that car?

    This time, I’m looking at other options and am finding it interesting at how many vehicles are not what they seem. My brother told me that a Mini Cooper was a BMW (I guess BMW bought them or something). The Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix are the same inside - but different perception and price based on who made it.

    I’m still finding car shopping to be painful - I wish someone would be a car “broker” and just bring me any car of any brand that fits my criteria.

  3. Ivana:
    Good luck with your vehicle search and selection. It really is quite interesting to dig deeper into the research to find out who is working with various manufacturers. I’ve found that brand perception and identification is so strong between owners and their cars/trucks!

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