Rebranding: Fast, Faster, Fastest

Looks like AT&T can’t wait to make the switch. This from Alice Z. Cuneo at Ad Age:

Two rebranding campaigns
To back the changes, AT&T plans two rebranding campaigns. The first scales back the Cingular name from AT&T’s marketing vocabulary and carries the tagline “Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular.” That line replaces the phrase “Cingular is now the new AT&T.” Omnicom Group’s GSD&M, Austin, Texas, handled the effort.

The second ad effort repositions wireless as part of a bundled telecommunication service that will go head to head with cable companies under the tagline “Your world is wireless. AT&T is wireless,” also from GSD&M. The over-arching tagline remains “Your world. Delivered.”

If you don’t have a budget the size of AT&T’s I think it would make more sense to wait a few weeks, months in between. Even six months may make sense for your business, depending upon how well entrenched the original brand name is and how often your consumers and customers see the commercials and messages.
Here are other posts that talk about the brand formerly known as Cingular:

  • From the Apple Phone Show: Cingular is the New AT&T:
    AT&T has also worked feverishly to rebrand all existing Cingular stores with AT&T logos so that customers will have no doubt that it’s AT&T who has partnered with Apple to deliver the iPhone, not Cingular.
  • From Open IT Strategies: Jack is Dead — (referring to the orange jacks symbol): Like other carriers, Cingular’s marketing and growth seem targeted at teenagers — i.e., kids born in 1988 or later. The Bell System died in 1984, and since then AT&T has just been a has-been long distance company. How many teenagers know or care about Ma Bell?
  • Wonder how many people born 1988 or later purchase their own phone plans? (18 or 19 years old today and younger). This is an extremely important market for consumer products in the coming years — the next baby boom that peaked in 1991 and those kids are turning 16 this year. And while this baby boom group matches the older baby boom for size, they are much more of a force of consumers than the older baby boom group was at that age!

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