Stuck on a Marketing Challenge? Unlock Your Brain by Looking at Things Differently

Every so often I get stuck on a problem (or challenge!) and can’t seem to get past it. I focus on it really hard but it won’t budge. Don’t know why I forget to take a look at the situation from a totally different angle. Someone else’s perspective. An analogy. Another field, discipline or industry.

My best ideas usually come when I’m working on something else totally unrelated & then the puzzle unlocks. Why is that?

I’ve been working on pricing and process. Each session is another step forward, but the last couple of session I was just staring at the same numbers, same system, and not looking at it from a different perspective.

Amazing how a new viewpoint helps to give a fresh start!

How do you get past a roadblock? I’d love some suggestions to get their faster!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

2 thoughts on “Stuck on a Marketing Challenge? Unlock Your Brain by Looking at Things Differently”

  1. I picked this up from Seth Godin’s advice to Zoom yourself.

    Go to Barnes & Noble and pick up a random magazine in a subject you’re not interested in, and read it. Pick a random book on an unrelated topic and read a chapter.

    Watch a cable channel you don’t normally watch. Download a tune from iTunes in a genre different from your usual listening habits.

    Change the layout of your office.

  2. Jay:
    Good suggestions! I like the idea of looking at things your NOT interested in.

    I was watching a commercial the other day when I realized, I not only don’t understand the commercial, I don’t understand the product either… It started a very interesting conversation between my 19 year old son and myself. Looking at the world in a way outside of the routine is an awesome idea.

    Thanks for commenting!

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