Marketing Analysis

Last week I spoke to the American Marketing Association Kent State Chapter about Marketing Analysis.

Marketing Analysis Helps Companies Measure Results

Some of the marketing communications topics discussed:

  • Website analytics - how Google Analytics tracks the flow of a user through a website. Learn 2 easy ways to install google analytics into a WordPress website.
  • Facebook analytics - what should be tracked and measured on a Facebook page. See behind the scenes insights from a Facebook ad campaign.
  • Email marketing - What are the Pros/Cons of different email platforms. What are average open rates and click thru on links? Examples of 3 different ways to improve the open rate of an email campaign.
  • Podcast download analytics - How to evaluate if you (or your company) would want to be a guest on a podcast or sponsor a podcast. How to increase the number of podcast subscribers and downloads of a podcast episode.
  • YouTube channel analytics - Why creating a channel is the way to go for nearly every marketing company. What can the insight panel tell you about viewership?
  • Google AdWords - How a marketing professional can use their keyword tool without spending any money to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • LinkedIn analytics - Why this platform is so powerful for business/careers and how to improve your profile to get the specific position you want.