When Technology Moves Faster than Company Culture

When technology moves as fast as it does, sometimes it is hard to keep up.

Sometimes many of us want to dig our heels in and just say “slow down or stop.”

I think acceptance of the new technologies takes a certain mindset and openness that is important to embrace. Most change is met with resistance.

Other times there is change just because someone feels “we should!” I see this all the time in marketing. Chasing the bright and shiny new thing.

In fact, I can think of so many “cutting edge” technologies that have come and gone. At times, when a new technology rolls out, a lot of people have rotten things to say about it. I’m remembering the grouching about fax machines, answering machines, and email.

Each one of those technologies were taken down by spam… marketing spam too. Mass faxing, robo calling and email blasts. Ugh! Using one to one marketing methods as a mass media is so annoying to the receiver that the response rates drop like someone’s junk mail into the trash.

When copy machines first became available all over the workforce, I can’t tell you how many jokes would be photocopied… or people’s face, or hands or… Seems silly now.

Communication changes like dial-up internet moved to DSL over the phone lines, then internet over cable lines and wireless and fiber and satellite. Each time the equipment became quickly outdated and it took some time for the software to get updated and in sync. Sometimes it feels like some companies are still on DSL (I doubt dial up?! right??)

With each new change there are so few standards and a lot of silos!

With the more recent artificial intelligence and virtual reality there is new “leading state-of-the-art” technology (or maybe that is OLD news and I’m really behind) there are new challenges. 5G and driverless cars still seems out there to me.

Even blogging seems so 90’s to many. Podcasting, will also well established, is still a mystery to many. Social media seems ubiquitous, but not to everyone. Other’s have tried it and moved on.

Meanwhile marketing a company, a product or brand continues to be a challenge. You must meet your target market with the right message using the media that they embrace (not you embrace) and constantly measure to make sure you’re hitting the mark.

This week I learned how to use a new application. GLIP. When I first heard about it, I felt my resistance.

Isn’t this just like (fill in the blank) slack, basecamp, campfire, flock, evernote, doodle, zoom, skype, drive and so on? Well, yes and no. One important difference. My new client uses GLIP. So I downloaded GLIP and learned it. Because that is the right reason to do it. Meet the customer where the customer is. Not where I am or we are. Right?

I’m sure we all find it increasingly difficult to meet the challenges of answering clients on email, text, phone, or through various social media like direct messages on Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn Messaging, Direct Twitter or connecting thru their favorite Zoom/Skype/Duo/FB video chat app.

Sometimes I feel I am not as productive as I used to be. And I’m more sensitive about not being timely in getting back to people. I think I have acquired a bit of ADHD just so I don’t miss an important message or call. I know I’m not the only one struggling with this.

What do you do to stay current?

Here’s a website that I like to follow: https://www.controlaltachieve.com/ It is more education focused than marketing focused, but definitely links to cool resources and new technologies that I can use everyday to stay current.

And another to keep my perspective and a sense of humor! https://marketoonist.com/