Three Best Marketing Tools for 2018

What are the “best marketing tools” for 2018? Best is a subjective word. It may mean favorite, or easy, or cost-effective or results driven. I guess to really have the best tools, you need to define the criteria.

My criteria for “BEST” is favorite, combined with most response. I like to be constantly learning new ways of reaching an audience, but these three methods have been around for more than 20 years now!

1. Podcasting- using AT2100 microphone to record, Audacity to edit and Libsyn to host. While in a way it is like blogging, in that it is content driven, you have to build your audience, and you need a mild amount of technology skills, podcasting gives you the opportunity to interview thought leaders, be a thought leader, and explore your subject in a medium that is easy for the audience to consume. Show notes fulfill the blogging aspect for me.

This year I co-hosted a podcast called “Fit, Strong Women Over 50” for a membership community. It’s a completely different demographic from Branding & Marketing, but I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot during the 24 episodes we’ve planned, recorded, edited and published.) My first podcast was on blog talk radio almost 12 years ago, based on a blog post  and lasted all of 6 minutes, 46 seconds.

2. Websites- Although websites are nothing new, they are the hub of the wheel for marketing. Websites with easy CMS (content management systems), that can easily be updated, and have information that helps the reader, are a powerful marketing tool. Perhaps APPs may forge a stronger bond with your customer, but when you are still in the prospecting stage of building a relationship, you need a great website. I enjoy showing clients how easy it is to make minor changes on their website that helps them to stay connected with customers and potential customers. I will say the one-page format that has become ubiquitous in 2018 bugs me, so I’m eager to see the next version of theme popularity. It just seems too much like a quick superficial blare of content without substance. I’m looking forward to new themes and popular tools that provide better communication with a first time reader/viewer.

3. Email marketing - As much as I hate getting too many emails, it’s way better than getting too many texts! I will say that email, texting and apps sure have almost eliminated junk mail that cost so much to mail. Building a strong email list for prospects and customers is still an important asset for most marketing plans. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to give my cell number to marketers for “reaching out.”

How about you? What are the 3 tools that you feel are the best, most important, favorite (your choice) for marketing in 2018?

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.