Top Marketing Predictions for 2009

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What’s going to happen in your business this year? I’ve posted a lot about setting goals and getting going in 2009, so I thought I’d focus a little bit on what some of the marketing experts say will happen in this new year.

Although no one has a crystal ball, most of the predictions that I’ve found seem like growing trends. Shrink in print advertising, yellow pages, and TV commercials. Growth in online blogging, short “micro” blogging, and longer “TV” commercials posted online.

Top marketing professionals weigh in on their predictions for what will happen in the marketing, branding and online marketing, social media world during 2009:

Barbara Rozgonyi of Wired PR Works predicts:

Top 10 2009 Social Media and Content Predictions

1. Short: Twitter bursts conversations
2. Visual: YouTube channels content
3. Graphic: Images supplant words
4. Multi: Diversity stands out
5. Mobile: Texts buzz word of mouth
6. Stories: Tell me something good
7: PRx2: Public relations meets page rank
8. Music: Can you corporate Karaoke?
9. iPhone: App, app and away
10. Search: Precisely matched

At the Interactive Marketing Blog, Sampad Swain lists these trends from eMarketer:

    Internet Is Buyers’ Market
    Search Marketing Remains Recession-Resistant
    Video Ad Spending Will Run Counter to Economic Trends
    Social Network Shakeout
    New Revenue Streams for Social Networks
    E-Commerce Sales Growth Will Come from Existing Online Buyers
    Seismic Shift in TV Ad Sales
    More Newspaper Companies to Become Casualties
    User-Generated Content Aggregation
    Multicultural Marketing Will Gain Intensity Online

Matt McGee of Search Engine Land posts a long list of marketing predictions for 2009 here.

Have a marketing prediction for 2009? Send me your prediction of the really BIG marketing idea for 2009 by the end of January and I’ll write an update post with it with a link to your blog or website.

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