What I learned at SOBCon ‘07

I could fill up several books with what I learned at SOBCon’07 but here’s the Cliff notes version:

1) I made the Right Choice to Go To SOBCon ’07 — You know that great feeling you get when you have an “ah ha” moment? Ever have about 50 of those in one day? That was what it was like for me to attend SOBCon’07. That’s a very cool thing!! Yes, it was Mother’s Day weekend. Yes, I had a million other things I “should” have been doing. But I am SO GLAD I was there. And I can’t wait for next year.

1) Relationship Marketing is alive and well. It was the past and is going to be SO much of the future. Just because we’ve got a self publishing tool, it doesn’t replace the actual relationship with a real person. Long really good blog rolls are created one person at a time. Building a relationship with “bloggers” means building a relationship with people. Blogging is just a tool like a business card, website, television advertising, catalog, sell sheets or trade show booths are a tool… but a very cool tool, indeed!

No it’s not a typo. They are both number 1!

Here’s what else:

  • It reinforced somethings that I think I’m doing right like: write about your passion, add a photo, create subheads, and link out. Definitely want to make it a priority to switch to word press (thank you Tony D. Hawk and Lorelle!)
  • I need more and less: More simple graphics. Less wild widgets. And I’m gonna stop calling myself a blogger. I publish articles. Many of them. On the internet. In one place. Here’s the address…. (Thanks David!)
  • To write conversationally, write like that little voice in your head. Short sentences. Words. Phrases or just thoughts. It’s more intimate. Get away from the “corporate brochure speak” that I usually do. (Thanks, Liz!)
  • I love Christine Kane’s music and keep playing that one song that I call “LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR” over and over. (It’s really called Right Out of Nowhere.) Thank you for its inspiration!!


  • I need to give podcasting another shot. Many people are audio learners. Other’s like to download podcasts into their MP3 players and listen while they exercise, commute or mow the lawn. When I do, I’ll spend more time on the headline. And use Skype for interviews. (Thanks Ben!)
  • Write the plan down. (Gosh, how many times do I say that to my clients!!) Make a checklist for each post, each subject. Comment more. Extend the conversation. Ask a question, but better yet, start a conversation. (I forget who said this, but I think it’s Mark Goodyear from Good Word Editing. So, Thanks Mark! )


But most of all — It’s all about community:  Sending a quick shout “Hi” to all my new friends that I met at SOBCon ’07.

So, what did I forget? Send a comment if you summarized SOBCon ’07 too and I’ll link to you .

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

21 thoughts on “What I learned at SOBCon ‘07”

  1. Chris, Great lessons. Thanks so much for being there, participating, and helping to make the whole experience even better for us all.

  2. Hey Chris - Glad to get you thinking about WordPress.

    BTW - Not that Tony Hawk isn’t one of my all time favorite skaters — but he’s a superstar and was in Gleaming the Cube, while I just blog about stuff :)

  3. Chris - I learned I needed much more time to connect with everyone. I would have loved to sat down and learned more about your work and vision for your firm.

    Next time!

    It was a pleasure to meet you…

    Keep creating,

  4. Chris, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the weekend, and better still got a lot out of the proceedings. I posted today that it was one of the best 48 hour periods of my life, and for a guy that has a few miles on him (ha), that’s saying a lot! It was a pleasure meeting you, and all the best!

  5. So nice to finally meet you in person, Chris! And thank you for posting these insights. I think several of them apply personally to me too.

  6. Chris, my new friend, these are great take-aways. I particularly like your comment about the 50 aha moments…that is so accurate!

    If you were to pick one of the blog-improvement take-aways to do first, what would you pick?


  7. Chris,

    I loved meeting you and our other web publishing pals. What a great time. Can’t wait to read more of your blog - oops, more articles on your site.


  8. Kent:
    I’m having trouble not calling it a blog anymore too.

    A social media publishing tool. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right either.

    Do you remember what the right new phrase is that David A from logic&emotion told us? I don’t think I wrote it down, so I’ll have to go search it out…


  9. Tammy:
    First thing I am trying to do (as you can see) is respond to comments to continue the conversation. I think going to SOBCon really instilled the fact to me that these are REAL PEOPLE and building a relationship with them is the best way I can take this whole social media thing to the next level.

    What about you? What’s the first thing for you??

  10. Chris Cree:
    Thanks so much for all your help to put it on… My hat is off to both you and Lisa for all the work and effort… and you kept your cool under pretty intense AV requirements. I don’t think we had more than a minute or 2 between speakers, at least that’s how it felt. Great job and thank you. I hope you felt like you got a lot out of it too because sometimes when you’re behind the scenes doing everything, it’s hard to enjoy the event too.

  11. Tony:
    Hawk, I mean Clark.

    I must have said that 10 times in my head when I was sitting next to you at SOBCon on Saturday.

    One more reason to switch to wordpress… blogger doesn’t have a strike out feature. So is it PC to 1) just change it? 2) UPDATE: real name is Clark or 3) just leave it?

    thanks again for the friendship!

  12. Easton:
    Thanks so much for being there. I remember when my kids were toddlers too and it is really tough to get away for a weekend. thanks so much for making the time. And thanks for my ninja turtle PEZ dispenser too!
    Very cool. I think it’s Donatello… orange bandana

  13. Mike Wagner:
    I’d love to get to know more about your branding consulting business. When we were in the open mike room, I couldn’t see you from where I was sitting, but as soon as I heard something like “I find how company’s are unique…” I knew it was you!

    Thanks so much for coming to SOBCon and see you next year there too, right?

  14. Terry Starbucker:
    I really enjoyed talking to you during the break and getting just a quick insight into your day-to-day life. SOBCon made all these connections so real, didn’t it? I have to agree, it’s the best conference I’ve ever been too — Great people, great info, and just a real intensity of helpful sharing of knowledge.

    It’s kinda hard to get back to work, isn’t it?

  15. Hi Chris,

    Nice to see your very positive review on the SOBcon weekend. I liked your handwritten graphic, “Turn your blog into Multi-media Property”. That’s one of the takeways I will remember (and act on) too.

    It was a very inspirational weekend and just what I needed.

    Stay in touch! Franke James at

  16. Franke:
    It was nice to meet you at the SOB Con — good luck with your green initiative — you go girl!!

    I liked that phrase too: turn your blog into a multimedia property… I’m not sure who said it, are you? Maybe Ben Yost from the Instigator blog? Maybe Steve Farber? I wish I can take better notes, the ideas were just flying around that room.


  17. Chris, I’m not sure I said that, but the whole weekend is a bit of a blur.

    David said just to call our blogs websites. That’s what I’ll do. Tell people, “Hey, visit my website.”

    Great book list in your blogger profile, by the way. Switching to wordpress is a good idea in the longrun, though you’ll experience a temporary setback in google rank and technorati authority.

  18. Mark:
    I’ve heard that google rank/technorati rank go back to the beginning, but I think it’ll come back eventually. Not really sure how valuable each is to me on a day to day basis anyway, other than ego.

    Yep, I’m going to call this my website… makes sense!

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