What is your Search Engine Marketing and Linking Strategy?

Patrick Schader at The Lonely Marketer shared his linking strategy recently and that got me thinking about my strategy.

For my Branding & Marketing blogging web site, usually I link to the content that inspired me to write a post (like Patrick’s) and I try to keep my posts in the Branding and Marketing subject area. Once in a while I link to very popular marketers like Laura Ries or Seth Godin, but more often, I look for marketing people not as famous with different approaches. Sometimes I put out challenges to other marketers to get their opinions. Not meme’s exactly, but I tag the people.

When I think about the linking strategy for my company’s website, it’s a different strategy. Most of the outgoing links are to clients or organizations. Most of the incoming links are from directories, articles, press releases and other less personal sites.

Search Engine Marketing involves a linking strategy. No, I don’t mean link farms or crazy links. Just good old fashioned work. Writing, publishing and linking. As a result, both of my sites come up high in the search engines for the keywords that I’ve selected. So, I guess my secret is: old fashioned work combined with strong knowledge base.

Where did I get my knowledge? My best answer is working with my web mentor. My number one key resource is my web developer, Sandy Donaldson from Donaldson Resource Group. She’s been invaluable in helping me learn and is very generous with her knowledge. What a fountain of skills, talent and thoughtful suggestions!

Another person who has inspired me is Sage Lewis, from Web Marketing Watch. Sage has many 4 minute videos that always get me thinking and I find watching them challenges me to try new things.

So, in answer to Patrick’s unspoken question of “What’s your linking strategy for increasing search engine marketing?” my boiled down answer would have to be: Learn what to do. Do it. This means doing your research, and possibly asking for help. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to boost your online presence then there are plenty of agencies that can help; for example if you are based in Australia then you might want to try ‘https://www.digitalmeal.com.au/seo/‘. Sometimes you’ve got to ask for help, for the sake of the growth of your business.

My question for other marketers: What is your Linking Strategy for your blog and your website?

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Author: Chris Brown

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    Excellent view point on this topic! I think it’s a pretty important topic when talking about web strategy. This is exactly why I read your blog - you always put great insight into your posts.


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