What We can Learn from Michael Jackson about Branding & Marketing

Like many baby boomers, I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music and watched him become a brand that was larger than life all over the world. Since he past away last week, I thought I’d draw some branding lessons from his work. (While his plastic surgery and personal life are a whole other thing, I do admire his branding & marketing work.)

  1. Have a quality product. I don’t think many would argue that he was undoubtedly “The King of Pop.”
  2. Plan, prepare, practice. His performances were flawless. I don’t think he was one to “just wing it.”
  3. Select a niche. He was a performer, an entertainer. Not an actor. Not a politician.
  4. Create an icon or signature. For Michael, it was the white glove.
  5. Capture the medium. Michael Jackson’s fame was catapulted with the launch of MTV in the late 70’s when millions could watch his moves without having to go to a concert to see his performance. (What medium is exploding in the 2000 decade?)
  6. Protect your brand. Between his professional and the personal, I wonder how many lawsuits?

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Author: Chris Brown

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