ZoomClouds Messed up my Template

Thanks to Dawud Miracle at Healthy Web Design/ Dawud Miracle, I think I fixed a problem with my template. It doesn’t seem to show up on PCs but does on Macs… and maybe on firefox too.

Here’s what was showing up:Hopefully it is fixed, now.

I take back the good things I said about ZoomClouds.com.

If anyone notices that is still is messed up please let me know… or if you saw the problem, but now it’s fixed, let me know too. Thanks Dawud. I owe you one!!

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

5 thoughts on “ZoomClouds Messed up my Template”

  1. It’s fixed on my end…Macs all browsers. Didn’t look at IE 5/Mac - still used a bit in the Mac world. I don’t design to support it any longer as it’s a dying browser.

    I’m glad I could help.

  2. Well, I use firefox and Safari and it looks fine to me. I really think the concept of using clouds is interesting - something I might have to try!

  3. Dawud & Julie:

    Thanks for letting me know. That’s the hard part, is seeing things from the viewers’ and readers’ eyes — instead of from your own eyes.


  4. Zoomclouds comes with a default CSS style: mainly a fixed-width DIV, no floats, no aligns, etc. so it should work without messing up anything else in the page layout - but that depends where exactly you place the zoomclouds code, of course.

  5. Hi Anon:
    You a probably right. I’m not a code expert and I placed Zoom clouds over on the left hand side near the links and widgets. Perhaps my template is too narrow to hold that place.

    I don’t think it messed up the template for PCs reading in Explorer or Opera, but it did for folks on the Mac, and that is about 12% of my readers.

    Thanks for clarifying.

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