April Fools Blogtipping

Happy April Fools… Here’s a look at some tongue in check, light-hearted, slightly quirky & fun marketing cartoon-related blogs.

Gaping Void by Hugh MacLeod - How to be creative Okay. So maybe this isn’t so “light-hearted”, the starving artist personna rarely is, right? Great stuff. I love his cynical approach and “oh so true” way of capturing the essence of things.

Baboon Book’s blog called Baboon Bellows by Rich Marcej - a talented writer / illustrator and business friend. I’d like to see more posts at his site, but when there is a lapse, it usually means he is super busy working on his next comic book.

Rich and I met when I worked in marketing at Hasbro on Transformers and GIJoe product lines. He worked on many brands — of course, the Transformers brand but also Inhumanoids and Battle Beasts. If I remember correctly, he created the product design as well as illustrations for Army Ants. He left Hasbro for Hallmark and later launched a line of comic books and products.

Email Marketing Report’s blog “No Man is an Iland” by Mark Brownlow has fun email marketing cartoons written by Mark with Millennium Design doing the artwork.

Although in my marketing tactics portfolio, I’m not a big fan of email marketing programs, it appears to me that Mark probably is one of the “good” guys in email marketing.

I like his approach to email marketing newsletters with an editorial calendar and suggestions for 31 content tips and ideas for email newsletters.

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