ATHENA International Leadership Summit Brings Women Leaders from Around the World

Today starts the Leadership Summit in Chicago hosted by ATHENA International, an non-profit organization that supports, honors and develops leadership in women. Last night I had the opportunity to meet many of the women attending the conference and was just overwhelmed by the focus and energy of the women who are business owners, community volunteers, in health care, education and insurance among many other fields.

Among the many women I met last night was Trish Doll from Publicity Works in Bowmansville, a real powerhouse.

Today I met with:
Big Ooga’s Lennie Rose who provides a pre-qualified referral based internet resource designed to connect entrepreneurs with the companies they need to succeed
Bobbie Soeder of Catalyst Ranch where companies come to find meeting space that encourages creative brainstorming
Can’t wait to hear all the awesome speakers and authors!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.